Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Better Mouse Trap?

You wouldn't believe all the stock pick software I've been through:
AmazingStock Trend Signal, Automatic Investor, High Growth Stock Investor, OmniTader, Precision-Trade-Pro, Stock-Signal-Pro, StrataSearch, Blocks, TradeRadar, Stock Neuromaster, Telecharts, Metastock, Amibroker to name a few.

Actually, I think that of the names mentioned, all except the last three are more of charting tools. I have studied and researched until my eyes were sore, looking for the "Holy Grail" of stock picking. I was either getting in trades too late, exiting too quickly or even worse, flat-out losing more than I gained. Picking winners was more of an accident than anything else, it seemed.

That's when I started learning technical analysis and market movements. I actually got pretty good at it and thought, "if I could teach a computer to automate this stuff, I could let it do all the work." I was actually studying Artificial Intelligence in computer applications and I ran accross Stock Assault 2.0.

I tried it and I finally had found exactly what I was looking for. I had really found "a better mouse-trap" so to say, but now I was actually catching better trades with minimum draw-down on both sides: winners and the occasional loser. There is no such thing as the "Holy Grail" in stock picking ... nothing is perfect. But as far as I can tell, honestly, the Stock Assault 2.0 software is the closest I have found.

- Roger

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