Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Investing In Uneasy and Chaotic Times

It seems hard to stick with investing your money when the financial world seems to be falling apart. Let me stress the following:

1) Market Volatility Could Be Far Worse. In historical perspective, the market isn't bouncing as much as it has at other times in the past.

2) Embrace your Fear. Your first reaction in times like this is most likely to sell all and stick it in a savings account. Try turning that fear toward other areas. Keep in mind that volatility is part of life and you actually have an edge in this market with the Stock Assault 2.0 software.

3) Look at the Upside. Tremendous buying opportunity occurs directly after a huge sell-off. You'll see more picks after a day like we saw on Monday. Oversold equities are not sustainable at these prices. They will trend higher which equals more money made.

4) Let Stock Assault 2.0 Do the Work. Artificial intelligence does not know fear. Take advantage of the picks during these times and reap the rewards. Keep your chin up everyone.

- Roger

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  1. Roger:
    When was the inception of this blog and how long has this softwar been available?