Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Venture into Money Management

A long time friend of mine recently sold his interest in a large business for several million dollars. Although he is partial to real estate, he has agreed to let me invest some of his funds in my brokerage account.

He has long followed my trek into stocks, and Stock Assault, so now I get to prove that there is money to be made in investments other than real estate. A lot of it, in fact. I think he is going to be pleased with the results.

I will document every step of it here on the blog. My buys, my sells and the reasoning behind each. I also am going to teach him my methodology and empower him to do the same thing so that one day he will feel comfortable investing by himself. So far the greatest thing he has heard from me is the word "stop-loss." It's very comforting to someone with a lot to lose.



  1. Hey Roger,

    I am new to Stock Assault as well as aspects of stocks and how to invest correctly. I look forward to learning what you have to offer and one day be able to get away from that 9-5 grind.

    Success to all,


  2. Great Roger!

    Looking forward to your methodology of picking stocks from the large list of stocks
    that Stock Asault picks almost everyday. Also would like to know if you set stops or
    rely on Stock Assault's decission as to when to sell?


  3. I go with my own sell decision, and I definitely use stops. I like to use trailing stops on less volatile movers. I will default to SA sell if I am still in a trade, and gives the signal.

  4. Thanks, although I am still in the 9 to 5 arena myself, my hope is to do this more than a hobby. I am currently the controller for a large corporation.

  5. Hey Roger,
    Keep up the posts! I'm new to Stock Assault and actually to trading. I ventured into trading at the end of October, and I've made some gains, but also got chewed alive on several positions. Gotta make up some ground on my losses now. Hopefully Stock Assault helps me be more accurate. What do you usually set your trailing stops to percentage wise? And do you typically go with just the A picks or do you analyze all the picks? Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. I look forward to hearing your picks and rationale! What a wild week this was. Hopefully we're treading at the bottom and heading for rebound. There are some amazingly low priced strong stocks out there. Just got to get out of some of these positions I'm stuck in. Have a good one.

  6. Thanks ! I've actually got a little ground to make up myself. A good trailing percentage would be 5, but it depends on how wildily the equity fluctuates. I like to get a feel for its movement before doing a trailer. A plain stop of 5 to 10 should do in the mean time. I do go over all the picks, but I mainly concentrate on the "A"'s

  7. Hi Roger, new to SA and stock investing altogether, looking forward to learning about markets in general...best of luck to all,


  8. Good to have you onboard. This is one heck of a time to be getting in. You are going to have alot to look back on when this market mess is over, because we are living in a part of history not soon to be repeated (I hope). When I say heck of a time to get in, I mean this is an excellent time to get in on the ground floor of a market that will, as history has shown us, climb from the ashes and make many people new wealth. Hope I can be of some help.

  9. Hi, I am new and wonder what to do if I can't buy the stock on the buy day. Is it best to pass on that stock?

  10. Actuallly there are many times that I don't buy on the buy day given. I look for a good entry point based on how the market is going to open. If you miss the buy day, check out the stocks performance that day. If it is up 5 or 10 percent, it might be best to pass. If it is flat or maybe only a couple percent up, you still have time to get in.