Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trading Update

I sold JNJ at 58.13 for a gain of 3.8%, leaving me a new balance of 36,045.95 for my friend. I was pleased to see some inverse ETF's in today's picks, so I split the balance plus margin between two, SRS and SKF.

I thought I would explore outside of my favorite ETF, and it appears to be paying off. I will close these positions at the end of the day or at the first sign of a bullish recovery.

Have a good one - Roger


  1. Great Blog!

    I have been following the JNJ trade since it came up on Stock Assault. I notice you sold it just after the peak but I still don't see a sell from the AI. Did you just close the trade for liquidity reasons or did you want to pre-empt the sell signal from the AI?

  2. I actually use SA as the default sell signal after my own. I use it as a safe guard. I try to use trailing stops and I sometimes get caught selling too early because I set them too tight. In this case, I wantes all the cash for another buy. Thanks !