Monday, January 5, 2009

Closing Two Runs

Well, I hope some of you were able to make some money by following my money management trek. I closed MO today, 4670 shares at $15.35, and DO 1212 shares at $67.73 . That's a profit of 5.14% and 20.41% respectively. I believe that both are good a little longer term, but I want to do 20 percent or better on some other equities, and these two are due a pullback.

The $25,000 I started December with has now turned into $85,600. That's a 242% return in about a month, annualized out to about 2,900%. I really hope that I have helped in some small way to highlight the more important aspects of finding winners and their entry points and exits.

Remember, don't ever get greedy. I am now going to start scouting my next money management picks for a very happy friend. I'll keep you informed, and maybe some time in the future I can set up a real time venture where we can partner and make some money.

Have a good one!
- Roger


  1. Roger,

    Wow! I mean WOW!

    Noticed that SA has been quiet the last two trading days. Do you have any insight on that? Seems like you just stayed in some older trades and closed them out today.

    Great updates as always. Sure wish you'd blog more often sir! :-)

  2. I am new to SA and do not get any picks yet and find it a pity that you just stopped announcing your picks. Looking forward how the program works. In the meantime I am open for any suggestions. Thanks and have a good one Roger.

  3. @Marc
    SA must be having some type of adjustment for market conditions going on. Usually when it is quiet the AI is making some type of adjustment, or can't find any viable picks. Sometimes I will linger in an older trade when I see something technical that points to higher return expectations. But that's just me.

  4. @Anonymous
    I just stopped posting the trades I was doing with a friends money. I'll still be giving some insight to my personal trades. Great to have you on board. some of my prior posts may be of interest to you. Always use some type of stop loss, and never get greedy are my top two tips.