Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Giant at a Bargain

I hope most of you took the little tip on UN. Another tip from today's picks would be MMM. This giant makes the cash and is trading at levels that make it a steal. In fact, at first glance at the charts it is poised very similar to UN in the stochastic distribution recently.

I have too many open positions to take advantage of it, but consider it another one rated "Roger ready". Trading days like today seem to be getting more common. It has a very bland feel to it with no real excitement one way or another.

Have a good one,


  1. Roger,

    I agree. This one was a good call. I'm going by a 2% rule for now. Meaning, I'm only using 2% of my entire portfolio to go into positions. Not sure if this Option rule I picked up is still applicable to equity picks?

  2. @Marc
    I limit myself to 5 open positions at any one time. I don't really limit my portfolio allocation, other than not putting more than half of my funds in any one position. And that has to be one heck of a position before I would do that(i.e. "sure thing" -if that even exists)