Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

One positive day in the market doesn't mark a turn, just like one bad day in a bull stretch doesn't mark a decline. A little breath of life was interjected on Tuesday but we are in a flat-out recession and have been for months, but it has been a very tradable one. All declining markets present excellent trading opportunities, and we need every tool at our disposal to find them. Personally , I use several tools to sift through the changing landscape of equities to produce mostly swing trades and the occasional long hold for prosperity's sake. Of course, SA is my top pick for pointing me to some excellent swing opportunities, but I also depend on allot of charting tools and technical analysis.
Reading is a pleasure to some and a chore to others, but I whole-heartily recommend that you spend as much time as you can exploring the world of equities by reading as many articles as you can. Look at technical analysis, Dow theory, or anything that can expand your understanding of what comprises a successful trader. I'm still trying to figure that one out for myself, and I am going to try to give you some more insight into some aspects of technical analysis. In other words, I will make more of an effort to supply more meat in addition to the milk, lol . Have a good one .


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