Friday, February 6, 2009

Good for Swing and Long

Gaming stocks have been absolutely hammered this past year, and for good reason. But at some point you have to call a bottom, and realize that some were just simply overdone. One prime example of this is Las Vegas Sands, LVS. Currently trading at 3.80, this puppy traded at more than 95 dollars less than a year ago. (This is not an official Stock Assault pick, you will not see it in the software.)

With a current book value of over 6 dollars a share, and just issuing a 2.50 a share dividend yesterday, I see this as a bottomed-out gem ripe for the picking. Use it as a swing trade for a good 5 to 10 percent pop, or keep it as a long term investment and watch you money balloon as the economy recovers, and people start playing again. Either way, I believe this stock is a good play.

Have a good one,


  1. Roger,
    I was wondering if you are holding LVS through earnings on feb 11 and wondered if you saw the 50k of Mar 5.00 puts - completely respect your insight so not trying to challenge those --- the puts caused me to pause before I bought and ask you

  2. @jc
    No, I didn't see those. Something else I also found out is that the 2.50 dividend is for the prefered stock that only the CEO's wife owns. It was very deceptive, and I am going to post for a dump on this one before earnings. Long term it may be good, but not to be bought until after earnings and the big bottom. Thanks jc.

  3. Roger,
    I feel like I am on a team with a rock star. Thank you for everything, I love following your direction - keep it coming. Have a great day.