Monday, February 9, 2009

Update on LVS

Some new information has come to light regarding LVS. The 2.50 dividend was
for the type of preferred stock that only the CEO's wife owns. This was very
deceptive, and I should have researched that better. Plus, jc pointed out
some interesting information regarding March calls that leads me to
recommend the following : Sell this stock before the Feb. 11th earnings
announcement. Take a nice gain as a swing trade, and then wait and see the
aftermath before loading up again. There is, generally, a run up in a
stock's price before earnings, so this might turn out to be a nice swing
trade anyway. But if you can turn 2 or 5 percent before tomorrow, I suggest
you sell. Sorry about that, but even the best of us get hoodwinked once in a
while, I just can't believe it happened to me. I guess I am human after all.
Have a good one, Roger

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